A downloadable game for Windows

My Little Bug Town was made for the Ludum Dare 41.

The theme of this edition was "Mix two incompatible genres", so we tried to mix a cute  Animal Crossing like game with harsh war games.

This version is the post-jam build, which features some bug fixes and more artistic assets. The gameplay is about 10 minutes long. If you wish to play the one submitted for the LDJAM, please click here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41/my-little-bug-town

We may develop further, so leave any suggestions or bug reports in a comment!

Made by Ana Guillén and Manuel Guillén

Music: The Shine by Jahzzar. Hundred Years in Hellheim by Tri-Tachyon.

Install instructions

Just download and decompress. Recommended resolution: 1920 x 1080


MyLittleBugTown_PostJam_V01.zip 53 MB


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Enemies are bilions I can't finnish the first wave

But if we forget it the game is super and the idea perfect but I can only "Play" 5 minutes.

If you can fix it it will be perfect



Litteraly five minutes after I post my comment the game ended.

Now I wnat, no I NEED the next part!!!!

Good Job

So If you could just make the army smaller or reduce the time it will be perfect


First of all, sorry for replying to you so late.

I am glad you liked the game. It had a lot of bugs (haha) since it was made for a game jam. Thank you for your comment, it makes me happy to know that you enjoyed it!

This past year has been a wild ride for me in a lot of ways, so I couldn't keep developing this and other jam entries I made. Although I don't know if I can, but I swear to God (or whatever superior being there is, if it ever exists) I will develop it further if we don't get any Animal Crossing announcement from this year's Nintendo conference in E3.

Also spelling errors: Fighted was used instead of Fought and one time it said gunshot instead of shotgun, there might have been more but i didn't see any others

Thank you for your kind words!

Sorry for the typos. I guess we misses them